CIFR launch research report on Competition in Financial Services as part of a research project led by Dr Rob Nicholls.

Prof David Gallagher, Hon Paul Fletcher MP, Dr Rob Nicholls

Read the CIFR working paper on MySuper Default Retirement Plans – Perspectives from Executives and Members.

A submission to the Treasury by Dr Scott Donald, UNSW and Dr Suzanne Le Mire, University of Adelaide.

Regulating a Revolution: A New Regulatory Model for Digital Finance

Read about the performance and outcomes of the Centre for Law, Markets and Regulation in 2014.


Latest Opinions

How changing our bank account numbering system will be a win for customers.

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Rob Nicholls and Charlotte Penel discuss the issue of bank account number portability and its impact on competition.

Superannuation Governance: Is independence enough?
Scott Donald and Suzanne Le Mire analyse how Independence works in the Superannuation system.

Why it’s time for companies to give us back our data

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Rob Nicholls questions why consumers aren't able to use their own data to source the best products.

Real reasons behind the Greek crisis: inefficiency and a fudged budget deficit

Greek debt crisis
Professor Ross Buckley discusses the real reasons behind the Greek debt crisis.

Who bears the cost when your Uber or Airbnb turns bad?

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Rob Nicholls questions the public liability of buyer-seller platforms such as Uber and Airbnb.