A report responding to Recommendation 22 of the Financial System Inquiry Final Report recommending ASIC have a Product Intervention Power.

As a keynote for a November event hosted by the Centre for International Finance and Regulation, Dr Rob Nicholls interviewed Professor Graeme Samuel

The FSI Final Report is released and the Government intends to consult with submissions closing on 31 March 2015

On 24 November, the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University hosted a roundtable on Landis: "Too Big to Fail or Too Hard to Remember"

The webcast of the CLMR and Allen & Overy event held on 19 November looking at benchmark manipulation is now available

Professor Justin O'Brien assesses attempts to create “fair and effective” markets and whether these efforts address institutional corruption.

FSB consults on proposal for a common international standard on Total Loss-Absorbing Capacity (TLAC) for global systemic banks - proposes 16 - 20% Tier 1 capital


Latest Opinions

Tranche two: building the next pillar in Australia's AML/CTF regime

Nathan Lynch argues that the arrival of Paul Jevtovic (pictured) and increased funding for AUSTRAC mean that the writing is on the wall for Designated Non-Financial Business Professions

'Landmark' Payday Lending Fine Marks Pyrrhic Victory for Regulator

Nathan Lynch of Thomson Reuters suggests that ASIC is prepared to "go hard" on absent targets - but prefers to accept enforceable undertakings in the more complex cases.

ASIC keeps the training wheels on Macquarie

Dr George Gilligan argues that ASIC has ensured that regulatory compliance training wheels are still firmly on Macquarie Equities Limited, a subsidiary of Macquarie Bank.

Catching Corporate Crooks Needs Greater Priority

Associate Professor Michael Legg argues that ASIC must both detect and prosecute corporate wrong doers.

The Financial System Inquiry and the Importance of Human Systems over Technical Systems

Dr George Gilligan calls for a higher profile of the means by which human agency systems shape financial regulation and practice.

Bold and Sometimes Radical – The Final Murray Report

Michelle Levy of Allens provides analysis of the Financial System Inquiry final report, which was published on 7 December 2014

Innovating Regulatory Capture

Professor Justin O'Brien examines the the fairy tale world of the Financial Systems Inquiry

Benchmark Reform and the Future of Financial Regulation

Dr George Gilligan is not optimistic that the Murray review will grasp the nettle of operational cultural reform in the Australian finance sector.