Digital Financial Services

Digital Financial Services refers to any financial service or product accessible using a digital platform. These include traditional products such as basic transaction accounts, savings, credit, insurance, and more recent innovative products such as e-money. They may also include products not only from the banking and risk sides of finance, but also from the investment and wealth management side. Online investing and equity crowd funding would be included, and so would algorithmic financial advising.  A wide range of financial regulators is working to establish the necessary oversight and supervision frameworks to ensure digital financial services are safe, affordable and accessible. Creating the appropriate (and not unduly burdensome) legal and regulatory environment in this quickly emerging area is a challenging work-in-progress for many jurisdictions seeking to improve financial inclusion. 
The most prominent and advanced CLMR research in this area is a large multi-year funded project on extending digital financial services to populations in the developing world, led by Scientia Professor Ross Buckley. Other researchers at CLMR are also using their legal and regulatory expertise at the fore-front of inquiry into this quickly moving area.
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Active Projects