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Rethinking Regulation in the Sharing Economy

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Professor Bronwen Morgan spoke to Digital Dialogue about regulations in the sharing economy.

Workshopping the Sharing Economy

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Professor Morgan and Dr. Kuch co-hosted two workshops in late July 2015 aimed at sustainability enthusiasts, which sought to tease out which pieces of the regulatory puzzles warrant most attention from researchers, and to help design practical support in response.

The value of sharing economies

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“There’s a hunger to get out of corporatised, bureaucratised ways of interacting” - Bronwen Morgan

Sustainable Seed Alliance

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Student presentation around social enterprises for seed exchanges.

The diverse legalities of the sharing economy

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Swinburne Seminar Series - Professor Bronwen Morgan (University of New South Wales) seeks to bring into dialogue two previously unrelated areas of scholarship: legal consciousness and diverse economies, as a way of illuminating the analysis of community-level action for sustainability, including its

Legal Imagination and the Sharing Economy

“Twenty public-spirited lawyers could save the world’. What kind of lawyer comes to mind when we read this pithy phrase?

Between Social Activism and Social Enterprise: The Bristol Report

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Between Social Activism and Social Enterprise comparative workshop findings.

Social Enterprise Legal Models Working Group

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The Social Enterprise Legal Models Working Group (LMWG) – which was originally convened by the Centre for Social Impact as part of the “Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Alliance” (SIEE) – has been operating as a working group chartered to investigate the issue of social enterprise